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Sunset Over Manhattan

There Is Freedom In Every Tear Drop

Patricia Marston


BEYOND THE SUNSET website was built with the sole purpose to offer love, support, and comfort to those who grieve the loss of their child. Grief is physically and emotionally crippling. Everyone grieves differently. I am not a Psychotherapist but having lost a son, and being through a tumultuous time, and survived.  I can offer words of compassion to help through the process of grief,  


     I offer words of comfort through my BLOGS, and memoirs being advertised on my website to leave a memory of a lost child.  When our children die, we should not die also. We will grieve, but we do not have to succumb to this grief. I can attest to the fact that as the years roll by, your grief will be lessened.  It is not erased, but that severe pain, anger, loneliness experienced at the beginning of your loss will slowly dissipate.  


    Beyond the Sunset is a caring community that can assist you during your grief process. During the process remember to allow and keep God's presence in your life. Jesus is known as the Light of the world.  Light signifies energy, life, happiness and prosperity.  Darkness signifies unhappiness, fear and chaos.  Be cognizant of the fact that the sun will come out in the morning! Light shine in the darkness and the darkness did not understand it. John 1 v 5.

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