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"HOME" - Patricia Marston

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

In your time of grief, you wish you are in a familiar space if you are not currently in that space. You long for HOME. A place of familiarity, a place where there is love, joy, peace and harmony amongst kindred spirits. After the passing of my son Bradley, I just wanted to be far away from my current situation.

I wanted to be like a child again, where I was attended to by my parents, and older sibling did not have to think about caring for myself, I would have someone to do that for me. I did not have to prepare one meal, although I would be eating at least thrice per day. My mom would have combed my hair and made sure I was smelling clean and wore clean garments. I could be free of all responsibilities. My fears would dissipate, and in that atmosphere of belonging I could curl up in a fetal position and drift off into a sweet sleep.

After the passing of my son, I lived in my apartment for another 11 years. This was the place where I was alone to grieve. This apartment kept me away from the maddening crowd. A few years later the maddening crowd invaded my personal space, my privacy and my solace. I was accommodating persons who were displaced from their homes. Listening avidly to music was a major part of my grief therapy. During all of this there were many people who impacted my life in such a way I was inspired to get up and go again!

I appreciate all the good people that were sent to do me good in one way or the other. My apartment was home to my precious son Bradley, and it was a place for me to escape and travel on that journey, only a grieving parent knows about, to where I am now. I AM HOME!

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