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A PLACE OF ‘QUIET REST’ - Patricia Marston

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

He alone can restore our broken hearts. Some hearts have been broken because of love, some because of fear, some because of death. A songwriter penned these words many years ago, but they are still applicable in times such as this ‘There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God’ – When we lose a loved one. God will bring light to the darkness we experience in those lonely moments.

We are brought to tears upon hearing the words and knowing that ‘they are gone’ We will not be seeing them again, we will not go on vacations together anymore, we will not eat together, we will not share a joke, a riddle, we will not see each other face to face. Such pain and agony we just want to be gone. We do not want to face that void, and loneliness will encompass us.

The tears will flow because we are human, perhaps we did not get to say goodbye, there was some unfinished business, we had a disagreement, and it was not resolved amicably. Although people are around us, we feel so alone. Condolences are expressed, we receive them. I remember a friend calling me about one week after my son Bradley’s passing and she expressed her condolences, then one of her sisters came on the phone, and her words to me were. “You knew he was going to die” I could hear the other two sisters in the background yelling at her, I hung up the phone quietly.

Some persons say words to us that are unwelcome and not necessary. We will get angry for them uttering such callous words. We are thrown into more sadness, we isolate ourselves, we feel lonelier and emptier. We are feeling as though we are caught in an Abyss.

After Bradley’s passing, I was not eating, sleeping. I just did not remember sleep. I did not get a good night’s rest until two days after his passing. In my alone moments I just cried and cried. God heard my cry for help, comfort and peace, which no one could afford me. It was only HIM, and he helped me to reach to that place of quiet rest. Matthew 11 v 28 says “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

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