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GOD'S DIVINE FAVOR - Patricia Marston

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

It is such a great feeling of peace and safety when you connect with God first thing in the morning. It is so refreshing when you awake to see a new beautiful day whether the sun is shining, or the sky is overcast. Comes what may in the weather, it is such a blessing to see the day, hearing the birds chirping and being able to connect our senses to our surroundings.

Walk in your purpose and let your light shine so that others will see the beauty of God in you, even one person will know there is always hope, no matter what unpleasantness is thrown at them 'the sun will come out tomorrow'!

In all our doings let us be a beacon of light in someone's dark place. Keeping God in the forefront of my mind since the passing of my son has allowed him to show me just how great and awesome, HE is, in meeting my needs. I thank him often for blessing me and prospering me.

As humans, our minds are prone to corruption, many times we want to lean on our own understanding, but HE has promised to keep us in perfect peace if we only keep our minds stayed on HIM.

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