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JOY TO THE WORLD - Patricia Marston

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We all need JOY in our lives. If we do not have JOY within, how can we share it with others?

Recently I became one of AMAZON'S bestselling authors of 'JOY 365' It was 364 co-authors and myself who put this masterpiece together. Dr. Vernessa Blackwell was the mastermind behind this project. The co-authors are from all over the world.

Secure your copies of the Journal and JOY 365 - Joy Restoration. Visit my website Enjoy the read, enjoy the stories which will encourage you to keep moving ahead into your destiny. So many persons give up and never try again, because they are easily discouraged. Both these books will show you that there is always restoration of your JOY. You just have to be persistent.

The affirmations in the Journal when used on a daily basis will create that atmosphere of peace and they will set the tone for your day. Positive changes will come in your life if you repeat these affirmations to yourself and believe in them. All things are possible, if we only believe.

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