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No matter how dark the night, the sunlight🌞does come out. It is said that the darkest part of the night is before dawn. Thank God it does not remain dark forever. Do not be removed from his presence if you desire to see the light.

When you are grieving, remember you will grieve differently from another person. Dismiss those who have never grieved and does not truly understand grief. Their expression of denying your right to grieve should be ignored. Do not hold it against them. Forgive them.

When I lost my son Bradley, I just wanted to disappear. I never knew that the terrible ache I felt would go away. Allow your tears to flow, do not allow anyone to prevent you from going through the grief process.

You will go through various emotions, but remember Jesus wept. He feeleth for our sadness and he shareth in our gladness. He will see you through this dark, lonely season of your life 😊.

The sun 🌞 WILL come out in the morning 🌅. It will be a new day and a new season of your life.

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