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November is a new month filled with new opportunities to make a difference in both our lives and the lives of others.

This is the second to last month of the year. Slowly the year of 2023 is closing out. Looking back on the previous months, are you satisfied with your personal achievements?

After doing some introspection let us do something different, something new in this month of November, so we can close out 2023 with a bang!!

Two thing I could encourage you to do in this new month is to visit my website www. and select a couple of the items from books to apparels and gift someone you love. Also you can choose, to Join the group 'JOY 365' and become a Bestselling Author. Step into the New year 2024 with a new vision of leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

Enjoy this beautiful month of November, and make it a month to remember. Great things are in store for BEYOND THE SUNSET LLC. N.Y. Keep following my website...

Thank you for the love, and your support this year. It is greatly appreciated.

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